Stop Israeli Genocide!


The Zionist state of Israel, with the backing of every imperialist power on the planet, has launched a genocidal assault on Gaza. But Israel’s war on the Palestinians is provoking an eruption of outrage across the US, Europe, the Middle East, and internationally. The urgent need of the hour is the development of a united mass movement of the international working class against the capitalist warmongers and for socialism.





The 60-page brochure from the World Socialist Web Site includes the following articles

  • Down with Netanyahu’s government! Stop the imperialist-backed Zionist onslaught against Gaza!
  • US, European powers fully implicated in Israeli mass murder
  • Netanyahu’s judicial coup and the dead end of Zionism
  • Netanyahu regime staggered by Palestinian uprising
  • Who is responsible for the violence in Israel and Gaza?
  • Biden proclaims unlimited support for Israeli onslaught on Gaza..
  • Oppose the outlawing of solidarity protests in defense of Gaza!
  • Mass protests erupt internationally against Israeli war on Gaza
  • Open letter from Harvard employee opposing persecution of students protesting Israel’s assault on Gaza
  • No to the criminalization of anti-war views on US campuses! For a mass movement by workers and youth against the onslaught on Gaza!